AQTraffShop - Quality accounts for Facebook adverts


Rules of our online shop

All accounts in the shop do not belong to real people, created automatically
Any coincidences are random!

Time to check the goods is given ( day ) from the moment of purchase ( after this time claims to the goods are not considered ( there are exceptions )

The goods are not changed if the ban through your fault ( check at the entrance, zrd at the flood or after your actions) 

We change all accounts that are not valid through our fault.

All accounts are chekking before placing in the shop 

The support does not answer questions on how to properly pour adverts and is not your mentor.

Replacement rules:
1)Screenshot of the ban
2)Account file 

In some cases your email may be requested if the order did not come to you for some reason ✊


(Translation into English is made through the translator (Deepl) (there may be errors).