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Hi! This is AQTRAFF team

Although we are engaged in the management of their projects and pour on them, we are well versed in accounts and other "working moments" any volume, any category of accounts, even those that are not in the shop will do quickly, efficiently and in a short time.

If you are a Farmer or a team of Farmers, your proposals will be considered on the mail (It is important to correctly formulate the proposal, for example: I "@telegi" is ready to offer such and such accounts, such and such quantity, at such and such price in ($) or any other goods.

If you are a baer, Team Lead, etc. Write to the post may be interested in co-operation with you

For any questions and suggestions related to accounts and services under them, write to the Support

(Very soon there will be a section for teams and large arbitrageurs).

Advertising in all our channels is possible only if the conditions below are met:
1.The product is really worthy 
2. If you are an affiliate network, write to the mail, and only after verification we can agree (Can be in the tag @AQOWNER)
3. Channel or community, only after verification 
4. Tg bots, other shops and similar - no
5. Any scam movements - no 


And the most important thing to write immediately on business, write in telegram or email 

Where do we sell?


Do not place advertising in the chat

As many people know, our reputation is important to us, and we sell advertising to almost no one, so your "product" should be really interesting!

Who are we?

Support TG


About us
We are an arbitrage team that drives traffic to our projects
We are better than many shops because we know which accounts work better with white "and not so white" themes.

All the basic information will be in the tg channel.
Subscribe, and if you have any questions, write.
(Translation into English is made through the translator (Deepl) (there may be errors).